P-6 Molecular Sieve Adsorbers

P-6 Molecular Sieve Adsorbers


MOLECULAR SIEVE ADSORBERS (38 pages and 20 drawings, illustrations, and graphs) This manual describes adsorbers used in molecular sieve dehydration plants and the procedures for operations. This manual should be used in conjunction with the P-5 manual: Molecular Sieve Dehydration. Both Metric and English units of measurement are used so students can work in units with which they are familiar.

Covered Subjects:

  • Description of absorber; bed support, adsorbent, and switching valve and piping arrangements
  • Principles of adsorption
  • Explanation of molecular sieves process
  • Determining water dew point of natural gas at various temperatures and pressures
  • Procedures for determining the weight of moisture contained in gas
  • The capacity of adsorbent and the mass transfer zone
  • The procedure to regenerate the adsorbent with hot gas
  • Procedure to determine plant capacity and methods of increasing capacity

Questions and problems are included throughout the text with answers in the back that allow students to check their understanding of the subject.

Estimated self-study time: 6 hours

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P-6 Molecular Sieve Adsorbers - Knowledge Validation Test CD

The P-6 Knowledge Validation Test CD, is a CD disc that has all of the photographs, diagrams, illustrations and examples as printed in the P-6 training manual combined in a .pdf file.

Answers to both SI and USCS unit validation test questions in the manual are included along with scoring information. Multiple Knowledge Validation Test CD orders will be combined onto a single disc.

An experienced PLP instructor can travel to your site to lead a classroom training program. Contact PLP for more information.

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