On-Site Training

Despite the best efforts of individuals and their desire to learn the materials available in these training manuals, on-site training by an experienced instructor may provide the necessary resource for plant or field personnel to learn the materials in these manuals with a shortened learning curve - making the employee more effective and likely safer in the field or plant environment.

One of the most cost-effective methods of training is a combination of self-study and classroom discussion. In order for the classroom portion to be effective, the teacher must have good visual illustrations to support the subject he/she is covering.

PLP Instructors

PLP instructors have conducted training classes for personnel in oilfield production and gas processing operations for over 30 years. Training courses are limited to  U.S. locations at various corporate sites. These classes teach the operator the basics of how equipment they are in contact with works and its principle of operations. Specific operation instructions of the equipment is left to plant supervisors or manufacturers' representative.

PLP specializes in training operators of field and plant equipment and processes including: sour gas treating, dehydration and cryogenic gas plant facilities and rotating equipment. Classes can be generic or more site specific when PLP is provided with the specific process flows of a processing plant, as depicted in a process and instrumentation drawing (P&ID), prior to instruction. PLP can prepare training materials and presentation slides for specific facilities to assist students in relating to the equipment in their specific plant or field location. Most recently, midstream companies including Energy Transfer, Williams Co. and M3-Midstream have retained PLP for on site training of their process plant operators.


PLP on-site training


These classes are used by many companies to comply with OSHA 1910 Regulations.

“1910.9(b) Training. Standards in this part requiring training on hazards and related matters, such as standards requiring that employees receive training or that the employer train employees, provide training to employees, or institute or implement a training program, impose a separate compliance duty with respect to each employee covered by the requirement. The employer must train each affected employee in the manner required by the standard, and each failure to train an employee may be considered a separate violation.”

For information on PLP site training please contact PLP at info@petroleumlearning.com or call 281-444-7632.

Each PLP training manual has available an "Instructor Kit". The Instructor Kit CD includes in a PDF. format every photograph, flow chart, diagram and problem found in its corresponding training manual. An oil and gas field professional may be able to conduct a training class after familiarization with the manual and his own experience using the CD material. This teacher can be a supervisor, lead operator or third-party person with advanced knowledge of the subject matter. 

In addition to the CD materials and test answer key, the Instructor Kit also includes one copy of the training manual. If ordered in a series, the material is enclosed in a sturdy three ring binder. Each PLP training manual has a knowledge assessment at the end to test individuals comprehension of the subject material. Separate tests are provided in Metric and English units of measurements. Answers to the test are included in the Instructor Kits.