F-1 Basic Units of Measurement

F-1 Basic Units of Measurement


BASIC UNITS OF MEASUREMENT (40 pages with 20 illustrations, drawings and photographs) This manual provides procedures to determine length, area, volume, weight, density, relative density, API gravity, temperature, pressure, viscosity, velocity, acceleration, and force in the appropriate measurement units. Both Metric and English units of measurement are used so students can work in units with which they are familiar.

Covered Subjects:

  • History of measurement
  • Writing long numbers and use of powers of 10
  • Units of length
  • Determining area and volume of geometrical figures
  • Units of weight and volume
  • Use of hydrometers for measuring relative density and API gravity
  • The method for determining gas density
  • Types of thermometers and units of temperature measurement
  • Pressure measurement devices and explanation of internal pressure, vacuum, absolute pressure and Liquid head pressure
  • Viscosity measurement
  • Velocity, acceleration, and force
  • Surface tension and interfacial tension

Questions and problems are included throughout the training manual with the answers in the back.

Estimated self-study time: 8 hours

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F-1 Basic Units of Measurement - Instructor Kit

The F-1 Instructor Kit, in addition to the F-1 training manual, includes a CD disc that has all of the photographs, diagrams, illustrations and examples printed in the training manual. Answers to all the test questions in the manual are included.

With a few hours of familiarization with the material a knowledgeable supervisor or other individual with group speaking skills may act as the classroom instructor. Using the Instructor Kit CD the training material can be displayed on a computer connected monitor or screen with a video projector.

Alternatively, an experienced PLP instructor can travel to your site to lead the classroom training program. Contact PLP for more information.

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