M-3 Oilfield Safety

M-3 Oilfield Safety


OILFIELD SAFETY (40 pages with 42 photographs and drawings) This training manual covers the safety factor designed into process equipment, and lists the basic precautions in its operation. It gives procedures for preparing pressure vessels for safe entry and for removing air from the process system prior to restart.

Covered Subjects:

  • Illustration of the elements; fuel, air and heat, required for a fire
  • Flammability limits and ignition temperatures of various hydrocarbons
  •  Illustrated procedures for shutting down and isolating pressure vessels and preparing them for safe entry
  •  Procedures are shown for pressure testing and removing air in preparation for restart
  • Procedures for purging equipment with natural gas
  • Pressure vessel design with a minimum safety factor
  • Precautions in operating heaters and the usual cause of heater failure
  •  Procedures for repairing leaks in screwed and flanged piping
  • Procedures for working around high pressure gas
  • The breathing effect of filling and draining atmospheric tanks and vapor recovery systems
  • Precautions for handling chemicals and working around sour gas

Questions and problems are included throughout the text with answers in the back that allow students to check their understanding of the subject.

Estimated self-study time: 7 hours

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M-3 Oilfield Safety - Knowledge Validation Test CD

The M-3 Knowledge Validation Test CD, is a CD disc that has all of the photographs, diagrams, illustrations and examples as printed in the M-3 training manual combined in a .pdf file.

Answers to both SI and USCS unit validation test questions in the manual are included along with scoring information. Multiple Knowledge Validation Test CD orders will be combined onto a single disc.

An experienced PLP instructor can travel to your site to lead a classroom training program. Contact PLP for more information.

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