P-8 Hydrate Inhibition

P-8 Hydrate Inhibition


HYDRATE INHIBITION (40 pages and 31 drawings, graphs and examples) This manual explains how hydrates form and how to prevent hydrate formation in gas pipelines with methanol and glycol injection. Glycol injection rate charts in low temperature gas processing  are shown. Both Metric and English units of measurement are used so students can work in units with which they are familiar.

Covered Subjects:

  • Definition of hydrates and the pressure and temperature conditions at which hydrate forms
  • Procedures to determine the quantity of methanol or glycol to prevent hydrates from forming
  • Quantity of moisture which will condense from gas as its temperature is lowered
  • Glycol and methanol injection rate charts
  • Location and method of injection to prevent hydrate formation
  • Glycol injection in refrigerated gas processing plants and use of Injection nozzles
  • Procedures for detecting hydrate formation and hydrate removal

Questions and problems are included throughout the text with answers in the back that allow students to check their understanding of the subject.

Estimated self-study time: 8 hours

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P-8 Hydrate Inhibition - Knowledge Validation Test CD

The P-8 Knowledge Validation Test CD, is a CD disc that has all of the photographs, diagrams, illustrations and examples as printed in the FP-8 training manual combined in a .pdf file.

Answers to both SI and USCS unit validation test questions in the manual are included along with scoring information. Multiple Knowledge Validation Test CD orders will be combined onto a single disc.

An experienced PLP instructor can travel to your site to lead a classroom training program. Contact PLP for more information.

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