F-3 Hydrocarbons

F-3 Hydrocarbons


HYDROCARBONS (38 pages with 25 drawings, illustrations, and graphs) This manual covers the chemical structure, physical properties, and phase behavior of hydrocarbon gases. Both Metric and English units of measurement are used so students can work in units with which they are familiar.

Covered Subjects:

  • Explanation of atoms and molecules, arrangement of atoms in different hydrocarbons and their names and abbreviations
  • The physical properties of hydrocarbons which include boiling point, liquid relative density, vapor relative density, heat of combustion, flammability limits, viscosity, cloud point and pour point
  • Vapor pressure and Reid vapor pressure
  • Water content of liquids, water content of gas, and hydrate formation conditions
  • API gravity and relative density measurement with a hydrometer
  • Procedure for determining the composition of hydrocarbon vapors in equilibrium with liquids
  • The effect of dropping the pressure of liquid and gas hydrocarbon streams

Questions and problems are included throughout the training manual with the answers in the back.

Estimated self-study time: 9 hours

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F-3 Hydrocarbons Knowledge Validation Test CD


The F-3 Knowledge Validation Test Kit, is a CD disc that has the photographs, diagrams, illustrations and examples as printed in the F-3 training manual included in a .pdf file.

Answers to both SI and USCS unit validation test questions in the manual are included along with scoring information. Multiple Knowledge Validation Test CD orders will be combined onto a single disc.

An experienced PLP instructor can travel to your site to lead a classroom training program. Contact PLP for more information.

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